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NYC-based composer Longfei Li (b.1988), was originally from China. He is the co-founder and artistic director of Path New Music. His music has been performed worldwide in North America, Asia, and Europe. He has worked with many reputed ensembles such as Loadbang, Longleash, and Nimbus ensemble, etc. Noticeable works include new media chamber opera Simulacrum, Catalyz for orchestra, Aurora for piano trio, and Passacaglia for one percussionist and electronics. In 2016, his piano and electronic piece Ripples has won Samadis’ Records & International Composition Competition, and his Legacy Quartet has won the Manhattan Prize in the same year. In 2020, his Noisses.. for one cellist won the first prize of the International Composition Competition by Academia Musica Wien. Li also attended many new music festivals such as the 2017 Loretto Project organized by Longleash piano trio with guest composer Anthony Cheung, the 2018 HighScore festival with guest composer Toivo Tulev and Helmut Lachenmann, the 2020 St. Petersburg International New Music Festival “” with guest composer Dmitri Kourliandski, Oscar Bianchi, Raphaël Cendo, Yuri Kasparov, and Joanna Bailie, and the 2020 Vienna Summer Music Festival with guest composer Lei Liang.


Mr. Li wrote numerous musicological treatises, such as “Music in the Concentration Camp and Prisoner Camp During World War II”, “Education in Contemporary Music Composition”, and “Alban Berg’s Two Settings of the Same Poem”, etc. In 2017, he wrote “Interpreting Music from Lei Liang’s Miller Theater Portrait Concert” and it has been published in the Journal of the Xinghai Conservatory of Music. Later on, it was also included in the book Asking Through Composition: Music and Musicological Treatises of Lei Liang published by Shanghai Conservatory of Music.


Longfei Li received his bachelor’s degree in composition and compositional techniques from the China Central Conservatory of Music with professor Jianping Tang, Guoping Jia, and Lida Zhang, and Master of Music degree from California State University, Northridge in Romanian composer Liviu Marinescu’s studio. Currently, he is pursuing his Doctor of Musical Arts degree at Manhattan School of Music under the guidance of German composer Reiko Füting, where he is also teaching musicianship and theory.

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