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In Schreiben, Lachenmann captured the sound of the practical action of writing and brought an interesting idea: For centuries, people focused on what we write, such as language and painting. The results of writing usually carry our record of history, thoughts etc. What about if we pay more attention to the writing action itself? To continue thinking this idea, I’m trying to take the gesture of the way how people “write” nowadays: We are now in a stage that the relationship between human and technology never been so complicated like this. Instead of physical writing, we prefer to work on computer and save files digitally. Therefore, my resource comes from the saving and loading sound from the computer drive, as the representation of the technological version of “writing” gesture. In Catalyz, I combined this idea with the other spectral texture, as the representation of organicism. The title refers to the catalyzation process that occurred both naturally and artificially.

Sample Score of CATALYZ:

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