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Exploring the process when people trying to understand the order of the cosmos, NOISSES.. is a musical representation of “reducing the complexity” and “searching for the essence of sound.”  Through the density and integration of various sound types, music materials are gradually refined to short attacks only.  


It is similar to the self-realization in Buddhism, a constant process that people realizing the principle of the world as “the knowing” in body, mind, and soul through their experience over time. The opposite side of realization is the obsession, and the title reversely respelled the word “obsession” into “noisses..”.


The last part is a reference to the tuning of open strings of Helmut Lachenmann’s cello piece Pression because the idea of using different sound types is inspired by his article “Klangtypen der Neuen Musik”.

Sample Score of NOISSES..

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